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Libertarian Statue Press also  an e-commerce site carrying a wide variety of merchandise from clothing and apparel, and home and living, to accessories and other special items. We produce merchandise that bares the classic Libertarian statue, as well as other iconic Libertarian images. New creations are also where we specialize. It is our hope that all Libertarians can display these classic pieces as well as our other original designs with style and pride across this great nation forever!

Henderson County Libertarian Party

Get your very own comfy #HCLPTX Texas Porcupine original logo T-Shirt here, from LIBERTARIAN STATUE PRESS! Also get to know the hardest working county party in the fastest growing political party in the nation on their brand new website at WWW.HCLP.US!



The Classical Statue Logo was developed for the Arizona Libertarian Party in the late 1970s, was rapidly adopted everywhere else in mid-1980, and has amassed decades of brand recognition.  It gives a clear, unambiguous meaning in a form that is both highly recognizable and distinct. 

We present to you the most accurate and authentic version available in vector form for use with any and all Libertarian Party materials and activities. 

This is the traditional logo of the Libertarian Party and Libertarian Statue Press makes no claim to its ownership or control.  The logo and its associated image files are to be considered the property of the Libertarian Party as a whole.  We are here to make it easy and convenient to use.  Use it proudly in all of your party-related activities from our materials or downloadable (and sharable) electronic forms.

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