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Joe Paschal-Free Market In Utilities

Posted by Jeff Callaway on

Years ago, the federal government claimed to deregulate utilities. When they did this they created monopolies, this article will address how we can rectify that. The point is monopolies control utility markets for a vast majority of Americans, this is a fact. But not everywhere. I will use Texas as an example. Texas not only has an independent electric grid, they also have a Consumer Energy Choice marketplace for utilities. I’m sure some are asking what that is and how does it affect me. Well we will go over this. Consumer Energy Choice is simple. It allows you, the consumer,...

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Candidate Calls out Senator to Debate

Posted by Karen Sprabary on

by Karen Sprabary D. Allen Miller met with Senator Ted Cruz at an RSVP only BBQ event in Dallas over the weekend. Miller, a Henderson County Native and a grassroots member of the Henderson County Libertarian Party, is running for Texas House District 4. Miller had a message and a plan when he asked Cruz a simple enough question. “We’re wondering if you will debate Neal Dikeman?” Dikeman is the Libertarian Candidate running for U.S. Senator for Texas. Cruz quickly responded to Miller explaining the reason Dikeman is unable to debate him on stage is due to the, “electorate.” By...

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Ben Leder Testifies Before Senate Committee on Red Flag Laws

Posted by Libertarian Statue Press on

Ben Leder Testifies Before Senate Committee on Red Flag Laws Ben Leder, Allen Miller, Tom Glass, Mark Tippetts, and many others testified before a Texas State Senate Committee on Red Flag Laws, Governer Gregg Abbott scrapped the program later that night...

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